Mall Shoppee - Case Study

Mall Shoppee

About Mall Shoppee

Mall Shoppee is an app that lets the services of a mall accessible to you in a newer, smarter way. It enables you to browse through malls in your city and view the available products/services. You can quickly get them delivered or get them on your own. It has been designed for vendors to add hundreds of products and is built for a scalable future.

Key Features

Secure Login

Secure Payment

Product Orders


Ratings, Reviews

Easy Loading

Product Tracking

Account Settings

Business Requirement

The app focuses on the needs of the modern life. lives of today. Today’s become comfortable to shop at home. Traditional e-commerce concentrates only on one side of a user. Mall Shoppee targets both the e-commerce sector and the retail market.

Spread awareness for transportation issues


Mall Shoppee was built to bridge the gap between retail shopping and e-commerce. We teamed up to make a genuine app for today's users. Through Mall Shoppee, all services of a mall comes under one touch of an app. We have built a virtual mall that makes shopping exciting and convenient.


This application is built for iOS and Android. It is built using Android SDK, XCode, PHP Core, Android Studio, Objective C, and Java Core. Zubda has used many audio tools, such as Android Media and iOS directories, to make it work.

Other Details

  • Client

    Mall Shoppee

  • Services

    Development, Integration, Security, & Payment Gateway

  • Business Type

    Retain and eCommerce

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